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Kreative Kinder können leicht zu Künstlern werden

Almost everywhere there is agreement that one should encourage creativity in children. The youngsters still have a spirit of discovery. Creativity can make learning easier too. Parents can primarily encourage their children’s creativity. In fact, because the right gadget for imaginative design is always at hand.

Children should have a handicraft corner with watercolors, brushes, paper, modeling clay, scraps of fabric or buttons, so that they can really enjoy themselves. Depending on their children’s ambition, children can also use instruments such as rattles or triangles for fun interludes. With a lot of skill, even small music performances can be performed.

Children who have creative parents are most likely to get excited about handicrafts. And watch out for beautiful natural materials while walking and use them to conjure up decorations. It has been proven that manual workers encourage creative thinking.

Today an artist, as a child creative with painting and tailoring

The artist Tanja Leodolter was born in Chicago and grew up in the USA, Germany and Austria. Today she lives with her family in the Swabian town of Bobingen. Her passion is painting in the open air, where she captures exciting impressions of nature. You won’t find these pictures in their exhibitions. There she shows abstract pictures.

Before the artist painted, she learned a creative profession. She says of herself that she was extremely creative as a child. She acted in the theater, could do pottery, handicrafts, paint and tailor, so that she could certainly sew a sofa cover herself. Various blogs offer instructions on how to make a beautiful sofa cover yourself. However, you can also buy stunning Ikea Ektorp sofa covers in the online shop. Because there is a huge selection of great variants and colors.

Teaching art in kindergarten

If children learn the first creative and creative processes in kindergarten, they can discover the world better. Looking at art and beautiful pictures stimulates your imagination. This can create interesting pictures and stories in your head. This gives children the best conditions to look at and understand art.

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